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Turning a passion into a meaningful career

Meet MCG Massage Therapy instructor, Heather Moore

A career as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) requires advanced training, commitment and a drive to help others on their path to wellness. During the course of a day, it’s not uncommon for a massage therapist to see as many as five clients, typically for 60 to 90 minutes appointments. Providing effective and therapeutic massages over the course of a day—and throughout your career—requires strength and stamina, and perhaps most importantly, knowledge.

At MCG, we pride ourselves in the quality of our education, our knowledgeable faculty and being on the forefront of massage therapy theory and technique. With cutting-edge training in areas such as the Lensen™ Technique, flexible programming and small class sizes, students are able to master their craft, balance their personal lives and develop meaningful relationships with their instructors that will enhance their learning experience.

This month, we want you to get to know one of these incredible instructors, Heather Moore, who is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and a keen believer in elevating the student experience. Heather graduated from the Massage Therapy Program at MacEwan University in 2014 and after completing her 2200 hours, she began her massage career in Cold Lake, Alberta. In 2016, she took a courageous step and opened her own massage business.

A passion becomes a career 

What began as a pursuit to improve quality of life for others transformed into a rewarding and fulfilling career for Heather.

“The world of massage is my obsession and fascinates me,??? she says. “It’s a profession that continuously evolves, and to be effective and be able to truly heal, you have to evolve with it.???  To complement her practice, Heather took her career to a new level and became an instructor at MCG, where she’s enjoyed sharing her knowledge and experience to students and watching them grow in both skill and confidence. What she didn’t expect when she began teaching was how much she would gain from the experience as well.

“Students are continually inspiring me. They ask a lot of different questions and use different thought processes, which challenge me to grow and to become a better teacher and healer,??? she says. The intimate setting and small classroom sizes at MCG provide the perfect environment for this exchange of ideas to take place. Through it, Heather’s own practice has evolved and improved.

A career becomes a way of life

For many RMT’s like Heather, their massage therapy career extends beyond the classroom or the clinic.  “Massage therapy is more than just a career, it’s a way of life,??? she says. Everything that embodies massage therapy—the holistic approach, the therapeutic aspect, the search for balance of the mind, body, and spirit, and all that promotes health and wellness – is something Heather carries over the other areas of her life. Somuchso, that she doesn’t really consider her job work at all!

“I look forward to going to ‘work’ everyday and love the relationships I’ve built with clients, who are very grateful immediately for the treatment and relief they receive,??? says Heather. “There are not many careers that offer that type of reward.???

And if you’re not inspired by Heather’s perspective enough, consider the results of a recent survey of  massage therapists on job satisfaction: 88% of surveyed massage therapists were “very satisfied??? or “satisfied??? with their careers and 99% of massage therapists believe their work has a positive impact on their clients. And, as the adage from Mark Twain reads, “find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.???

Seeing clients improve their quality of life and watching students graduate with the skills and confidence they need to become a registered massage therapist is an amazing feeling and gives Heather a great sense of fulfilment and joy. She’s already looking forward to the next batch of new students starting in the January 2020 semester!