Interest Free Payment Plans

We provide an interest-free tuition payment option, designed to empower students and make higher education more accessible. Our program allows students to pay for their tuition over time without accruing any interest, ensuring that the focus remains on their education rather than financial stress. By eliminating the burden of interest payments, we aim to foster a supportive environment where students can thrive academically and pursue their dreams without the worry of overwhelming debt. Discover the freedom to pursue your education with our interest-free tuition payment option and open doors to a brighter future.

Student Loans

At MCG Career College, we understand that financing your education is a crucial aspect of your academic journey. We are committed to helping our students navigate the process of obtaining student loans and grants to fund their education. Here’s how our Student Finance Coordinator can assist you every step of the way:

Personalized Guidance: Our Student Finance Coordinator is available to provide personalized guidance to prospective and current students. They will assess your individual financial situation and educational goals, and then provide you with tailored advice on the best student loan and grant options for you. You can schedule appointments or reach out to them directly for one-on-one assistance.

Student Aid Alberta

Student Loans and Grants Funding Guide 

Repayment Essentials



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Windmill Micro-Lending

Windmill Microlending, a nationwide organization, provides immigrants and refugees with the opportunity to obtain low-interest loans in Canada. These loans assist individuals in covering the expenses associated with education, training, certification, designation, accreditation, and professional development courses.

Through our collaboration with Windmill, aspiring career college students throughout the country can now benefit from financial assistance in the form of a low-interest loan, with a maximum amount of $15,000. To find out more about the eligibility requirements for these loans, please visit this link.

Volunteer Credits

Pay 100% of your tuition through volunteering!

MCG Career College, the only college in Canada offering a groundbreaking payment option for your tuition. We believe in making education accessible while fostering community engagement. That’s why we introduce our unique program, allowing students to trade one hour of volunteering with an approved organization for $25.00 in tuition credit, up to 100% of your total tuition!


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