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Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Train from industry experts to provide important patient care as an ultrasound technician in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography involves using ultrasound equipment to use high-frequency sound waves to capture images of body organs, masses and fetuses at various stages of pregnancy. Sonographers are important members of a patient care team, assessing patients and ensuring accurate information is provided to the physician to confirm a diagnosis. Graduates will find themselves working in a hospital or private clinic setting.

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Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma

Our Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma instructors live, eat and breathe massage. Over the course of our Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma, our instructors take students through a fantastic journey, learning about massage and the body, entirely from a massage point of view. Content includes Swedish Relaxation Massage as the foundation, as well as an introduction to therapeutic techniques.

The curriculum is designed to inspire students to recognize the full potential benefits of the healing massage the impact it can have on our modern world. Once you get a taste of what you can do for people, you will want to complete the 2nd year Advanced Therapeutic Massage diploma as well. Students who ONLY complete the Basic diploma find it increasingly difficult to obtain employment, and find it hard to receive work in other provinces outside Alberta.

Upon successful completion of all requirements, students will receive a Diploma in Massage Therapy (1008 Hours).

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Advanced Therapeutic Massage Diploma

The Advanced Massage Diploma: Clinical Assessment and Correction Specialization is designed for those students with the ability and intent to provide therapeutic (corrective) treatments for their clients. At MCG Career College, we believe that this area of training has been substandard in the industry for many years and results in graduates that use relaxation techniques for therapeutic treatments.

This second year course teaches proper assessment and correction techniques, used specifically for therapeutic applications. All concepts taught in the first year Basic Relaxation Massage diploma are reinforced and expanded upon, but the emphasis is now on assessment and corrective techniques for acute and chronic pain found in the soft tissues and associated structures of the body.

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Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Certificate

Over the course of our Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Certificate diploma, students will be provided the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge needed to become a competent and confident unit clerk and medical office assistant.

The blended design of the Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Certificate diploma combines face-to-face instruction with structured online learning components. This provides students flexibility in balancing life’s commitments while advancing education and pursing a new career.

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Continuing Education Courses

Basic Life Support & CPR

- Heart & Stroke

Basic Life Support (BLS) and CPR is the foundational emergency cardiovascular course for all healthcare professionals and first responders. This 4-hour Heart & Stroke Foundation based-course is intended to help improve patient outcomes and teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in pre-hospital and in-facility settings.

  • Program Length: 4 Hours
  • Format: Classroom
  • Credential: BLS & CPR Completion Card (valid for 12 months)
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Medical First Responder

The Medical First Responder (MFR) program is designed to provide the student with the confidence, knowledge and skills required to provide first-on-scene emergency care to patients in medical and traumatic emergencies. MFR is an entry-level program to provide initial scene safety, patient assessment, and appropriate treatment. The program is an essential step for those wanting to continue their medical education in the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Program or into the Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Advanced Paramedic Care Provider (ACP) professional roles.

  • Program Length: 300 Hours
  • Format: Blend of online learning, classroom learning, lab and practical sessions
  • Credentials:
    • Medical First Responder Certificate
    • Canadian Red Cross Advanced First Aid Certificate (valid for 3 years)
    • International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Basic Provider Certificate
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Psychological First Aid

- Red Cross

Develop a personal understanding of the effects of stress, loss, trauma and grief on others. This program puts emphasis on self-care and personal protection, and learners will be introduced to the Red Cross ‘Look, Listen, Link, Live’ model, a resiliency-building approach to emotional, psychological and social well-being. Graduates learn how to support themselves and others to cope with the effects of various types of stress.

  • Program Length: 12 Hours
  • Format: Classroom
  • Credential: Psychological First Aid (valid for 3 years)
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Standard First Aid with CPR / AED

- Red Cross

The Standard First Aid with CPR / AED is designed by the Red Cross,and is the standard course required to work on most oil and gas sites. This comprehensive course provides participants with skills to respond to standard emergencies in the workplace, their homes and their communities., and meets the legislative requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards. It includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines.

  • Program Length: 8 hours online and 5.5 – 7.5 hours classroom
  • Format: Blended
  • Credential: Standard First Aid, CPR Level A or C, and AED Certificates (valid for 3 years)
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Privacy, Confidentiality & Security Training

- Private Sector Organizations

The risk isn’t worth it. The Privacy, Confidentiality and Security Training: Private Sector Organizations course is designed to be a foundational course to equip staff and healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills to use personal data in a compliant and safe manner. If an organization is found to be non-compliant with privacy legislation, the financial impact can be quite significant. Avoid costly data breaches that may cause clients to lose trust in your brand and tarnish the reputation.

  • Program Length: 16 Hours
  • Format: Classroom
  • Credential: MCG Career College Certificate of Attendance
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