Who We are


Meet MCG

In 2005, we opened our doors as the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy (NIMT), providing massage therapy programs to students from across Western Canada. From the beginning, NIMT was set apart from other institutions with its cutting-edge of massage therapy training. Our faculty of industry experts had the knowledge of what a massage therapist needed to know about techniques, self-care and business.

Our philosophy and approach to training was so successful, that students wanted more. In 2019, NIMT evolved into MCG Career College, offering more programs across health and wellness. Today, MCG is more than a technical training institution, it is a gathering place for a community of innovators in health and wellness training. By providing relevant education, top instruction and flexible programming that fits your life, MCG is empowering students with the confidence and skills they need to become leaders and business owners in our community.

Our Story

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” — Edmund Hillary

Ayurvedic medicine teaches us that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit. From humble beginnings in India, Monika Gupta founded MCG Career College with a vision of applying this idea to elevating health and wellness training programs, and extending it into the lives of students, so they may unlock their potential and become their best selves.

Through cutting-edge training, top instruction and flexible program structures, MCG pushes beyond the scope of a traditional training institution. We get to know our students, we enlighten them to align the mind and body, to bring balance within themselves and others. Our students graduate with the skills and confidence they need to become successful leaders, employees and business owners; ones who make a tangible difference in the health and well-being of others and in their communities. It’s this vision that guides every aspect of MCG and serves as the inspiration behind our visual identity:

  • The tree of our logo symbolizes that we are rooted in our vision and that we are connected and grounded to the Earth. It grows over time, as does the knowledge, confidence and potential of our students.
  • The mountains represent the challenge ahead and awakens the impulse that we all have within us to explore, to go beyond our limits and to achieve new heights.
  • The colour orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow to represent the enthusiasm, curiosity, creativity, determination and success we see in our students.
  • Finally, all the elements are balanced within the circle that represents our MCG community; the friendships, relationships and unity that connects us all.

That’s the MCG difference. Students enroll for an incredible training experience and graduate connected to a larger community. They prove that when we face the inner challenges that prevent us from accomplishing our goals in life, when we align mind, body and spirit, we can overcome any reservation and accomplish great things — we can find our roots, find joy, connect with others, conquer any mountain and inspire others to do so.

Our Core Values

Success for students
Connected to community
Partners with Industry
Innovators in Education
Integrity and Respect

Partners With Industry

MCG collaborates with several industry partners to create relevant programs that produce the future of our community. Our faculty has extensive experience, and they are active within various industry associations.