Be On The Cutting-edge Of Massage Therapy Technique.

Set yourself apart with the Lensen™ Technique.

Lensen™ training is now a major component of Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Clinical Assessment and Correction curriculum.

What is the Lensen™ Technique?
The Lensen™ advanced therapeutic massage technique combines elements of osteopathy with massage therapy. The goal of Lensen™ is to assist in restoring the body’s natural range of motion and to improve the quality of life and overall sense of well-being for clients. It provides the massage therapist with the knowledge required to skillfully assess and correct body dysfunction and is adaptable to meet the client’s needs and conditions.

The original version of Lensen™ was called Onsen. The aim of Onsen was to provide massage therapists with training in manual osteopathic techniques used to realign bones, joints and muscles. Traditionally, Onsen had been taught by Len Balogh (a previous school owner/instructor) and others during 3 or 2 day workshops. Yet, Len found that the workshop time-frame was inadequate for students to fully understand and utilize the techniques properly. With the permission of Onsen originator Rich Phaigh, the material was updated, revised and expanded into what is now called the Lensen™ Therapeutic technique certificate program. Now, Lensen™ denotes the most current revision of the Onsen techniques, and is a key component of MCG’s Advanced Therapeutic Massage program. In addition to receiving their Advanced Therapeutic Massage program diploma, graduates also receive a Certified Lensen™ Therapist certificate.

Advantages of students getting certified in the Lensen™ Technique:

  • Combines modalities found in manual osteopathy and massage therapy.
  • Provides an effective and painless method to realign clients’ joints, bones and tissue to restore normal, pain free range of motion.
  • Provides the therapist with the tools and knowledge required to effectively assess and correct body dysfunction.
  • The treatment is dynamic and consists of many different modalities and can be adapted for the needs and conditions of clients.


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