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International Students

Welcoming international students to campuses across Alberta.
Flexible programming that is welcoming to all.

General Information

Welcome to MCG Career College! We welcome international students to our campuses across Alberta. We pride ourselves on offering programming that is flexible and welcoming to all. Learn all about our programs, requirements and admissions in our comprehensive International Student Handbook.

Program Information

Admission to MCG Career College requires all applicants to follow our formal admissions procedure. This includes:

  • An interview with MCG personnel (can be facilitated through technology)
  • Meeting the admission and selection (if applicable) requirements
    • Transcript and educational credential equivalencies may be required to undergo assessment through the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) or World Education Services (WES)
  • Completing the application form
  • Meeting the English language requirements

English Language Requirements

In order to be admitted in a program at MCG Career College, al international applicants must demonstrate that they are proficient in the English language This requirement can be satisfied if the applicant has earned a high school diploma (or above) from a secondary school where the language of instruction is English. If English was not the language of instruction, the applicant is required to meet the minimum English Language Proficiency standard.

Studying in Alberta

Numerous Compelling Reasons to Choose Alberta as Your Study Destination

Assured Program Excellence Each academic program in Alberta adheres to the highest quality standards for international student education in Canada. Educational institutions accepting international students are subject to rigorous oversight and quality benchmarks. Explore further details on Alberta’s commitment to quality standards.

A Hub for Talent and Innovation Alberta’s cutting-edge research facilities, employment prospects, and initiatives for commercialization attract the most talented and innovative individuals globally.

Work and Immigration Prospects In Alberta, you’ll find opportunities to work while pursuing your studies and after graduation, along with pathways to immigration leading to citizenship.

Problem Solving & Dispute Process

If you encounter personal, financial, academic or health problems during your time in your program, you should approach any instructor who will then attempt to support and guide you to the most appropriate resource(s).