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Combining skills to pursue an exciting career

Meet MCG Medical Office Assistant instructor, Amanda Bowdridge

As the year winds down and the temperatures dip, many of us start to consider what we want the new year to look like. Maybe you’ve already set a new year’s resolution to go back to school in January and start a new career. If you’re not sure where to go or what to take, consider the experience of MCG’s Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk program instructor, Amanda Bowdridge. After successfully establishing her career in administration and honing her computer skills, Amanda decided to take her career to the next level by diving into the world of Medical Office Assistants (MOA) & Unit Clerks — and she hasn’t looked back.

Setting the foundation
“Growing up, I had always been interested in the medical world and in helping people. I decided to combine my administrative skills with my passion for health and wellness and find work in a field where I could make a difference,??? says Amanda. “Now, my experience with both the MOA and Unit Clerk roles are important foundations as I progress in my career.???

Hailing from Cochrane, Alberta, Amanda was working in administration when in 2009, she caught the MOA bug and went back to school. A year later, she graduated with her Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk certification. After working in the field for a number of years and setting a strong foundation — and discovering she has a passion for continuous learning! — she decided to complement her education. In 2018, she graduated with a diploma in Health Information Management. But it doesn’t stop there! Unable to resist, Amanda is now finding the time to balance work and school as she pursues a Bachelor of Professional Arts in Governance, Law, and Management. Today, she applies her knowledge from the classroom and her practical work experience to teach the MCG’s Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk program.

Sharing skills in the classroom
What’s Amanda favourite part about teaching? “I love getting to share my experiences and instilling the same passion that I have for helping patients.??? she says. “I see a bit of myself in the students, and as we get to know each other, we realize that even though we all come from different backgrounds and are in different stages in our lives, we share one common goal of elevating our careers and gaining meaningful employment in health and wellness.??? An added bonus? Amanda learns so much from the students too, and gets to improve her own teaching along the way.

Part of her passion for her teaching stems from her love of the MOA and Unit Clerk role. From first-hand experience, Amanda knows that MOA’s and Unit Clerks are vital members of any health care team. The role blends clinical and administrative duties to provide quality patient care and to ensure a well-functioning work environment. But it’s not all computers. As first point of contact with the public, MOA’s and Unit Clerks play a key role in creating a good impression for patients and for visitors. For Amanda, the role had the right amount of challenge to apply and grow her skills in an industry she loved. It was a career that set a great foundation and had the potential to lead to other interesting opportunities in the industry.

“I recommend pursuing a career as an MOA and Unit Clerk because it is such a dynamic experience that will give you skills to carry throughout your career.??? said Amanda. “There are so many possibilities out there, and this program opens the door to many of them.???

If you haven’t signed up yet, MCG Career College is currently accepting applications for the Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk program starting in January 2020! Be part of a community of innovators in health and wellness training, and be empowered with the confidence and skills you need to become successful in your career and a leader in your community. In the meantime, stay connected — follow MCG Career College on social!