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Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Certificate


Over the course of our Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Certificate, students will be provided the necessary skills and theoretical knowledge needed to become competent and confident unit clerks and medical office assistants.

  • 19-week Program
  • Practicum Included
  • Virtual Classes
  • Certificate Program
  • Scrubs Included
  • Government Funding available
  • Recognized and Licensed by Alberta Advanced Education

Students will receive a Certificate in Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk upon completing all requirements.

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Tuition Costs:

  • $8,000.00
  • Tuition
  • $400.00
  • Books
  • $300.00
  • Supplies
  • $8,700.00
  • Total

[For international students there is a non-refundable application fee of $500.00]


Grad employment rate

Figures represent the 2022/2023 period and are sourced from the 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.


Average Wage per Hour

Figures represent the 2022/2023 period and are sourced from the 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.

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The courses you will take are:


Electronic Medical Management

Effective, efficient, and standardized management of healthcare records and patient scheduling is vital to the smooth operation of a healthcare facility. Students will examine scheduling concepts, workflow management, organization of the electronic patient chart and healthcare billing.

Ethics and Law in Healthcare

Students will be introduced to two major privacy acts in Canada as well as the Health Information Act as it pertains to the client and administrative healthcare environment. Ethical, moral, and legal discussions will include patient rights, chart ownership and management, and ethical decision-making processes. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of patient confidentiality and obtaining patient consent.

Healthcare Communications

Accurate, professional, and self-assured communication is key in a healthcare environment. To achieve this, learners will be guided in the development of professional written and verbal communication. Learners will explore email communication, telephone, interpersonal skills and job-hunting skills. Students will also develop their abilities in creating word processing and spreadsheet documents through online and in-class activities.

Medical Office Assisting

Tasks within the medical office can differ from clinic to clinic. This course will build the student’s knowledge by exploring the concerns of patients, understanding cultural difference in healthcare and reviewing safety and standard precautions. Students will learn skills and build confidence in both dealing with emergencies within the clinic and the collection of patient vitals.


Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Pharmacology

Understanding medical terminology is essential to communication within a medical office or hospital unit. This course will familiarize students with medical root words, prefixes and suffixes. Students will then construct and deconstruct terms related to body systems. Basic anatomy and pharmacology terms will also be covered to assist in the practical use of the medical language.


Unit Clerk Procedures

This course will introduce students to the organizational structure of a hospital setting and professional roles which exist within the healthcare environment. Emphasis will be placed on the role of the unit clerk as a vital member of the patient-care team. Topics covered will also include reviewing the hospital chart, patient confidentiality and the importance of accuracy within the order documentation process.

Certificate structure

The Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk Certificate is a blend of online, classroom and laboratory learning, with a hands-on, practical component.

Entrance requirements

Standard Admission:

  • Alberta high school diploma or equivalent verified by transcript or DAR
  • Provide a CRC
  • Provide an Immunization disclaimer

Mature Admission:

  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to admission (19 if out of province)
  • Provide a CRC
  • Provide an Immunization disclaimer
  • Successfully complete the MCG Career College admissions test

Standard First Aid with CPR Level C and AED

Students are required to provide proof of completion of the Standard First Aid with CPR Level C and AED course. Students need to maintain current certification throughout the diploma including practicum.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk Certificate, graduates will be qualified to assist healthcare professionals in medical offices and other health-care facilities.


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