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Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma


Our Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma instructors live, eat and breathe massage. Over the course of our Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma, our instructors take students through a fantastic journey, learning about massage and the body, entirely from a massage point of view. Content includes Swedish Relaxation Massage as the foundation, as well as an introduction to therapeutic techniques.

Diploma structure

The Basic Relaxation Massage Diploma is a blend of distance and classroom learning, with a hands-on, practical component. Upon successful completion of all requirements, students will receive a Diploma in Massage Therapy (1008 Hours).


Tuition Costs:

  • $9,600.00
  • Tuition
  • $575.00
  • Books
  • $325.00
  • Supplies
  • $10,500.00
  • Total

[For international students there is a non-refundable application fee of $500.00]


Grad employment rate

Figures represent the 2022/2023 period and are sourced from the 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.


Average Wage per Hour

Figures represent the 2022/2023 period and are sourced from the 2021 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey.


The courses you will take are:


Ethics and Business Course

This course will provide students with the foundational knowledge of ethical business practices within a massage therapy setting. Topics in this course include maintaining professional boundaries, compliance with federal and provincial requirements and communicating professionally with clients. Students will complete the course by creating a personal business card and a client-facing massage therapy brochure or website.



This course examines the major structures of the human body as they pertain to massage therapy. Students will learn to identify and locate major bones and landmarks as well as learn the major muscles along with their location and function.



This course introduces students to physiology of the human body. Students will examine how the body functions through body systems such as skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and integumentary systems. As a massage therapist, understanding body systems will assist in massage treatment and techniques.

Medical and Massage Terminology

The ability to understand and correctly use medical and massage terminology is a necessary skill when writing treatment plans, collaborating with others in the healthcare field and when talking to clients. This course also explores massage modifications for various conditions and pathologies.

Practical Massage

This course introduces students to performing relaxation massage. Hands-on demonstrations as well as in-class practice, students will develop their practical massage skills. In addition, topics such as self-care and ergonomics will be examined. The course is created to prepare students for their 56-hour practicum during the last two

Entrance requirements

Standard Admission:

  • Alberta high school diploma or equivalent verified by transcript or DAR
  • Provide a CRC
  • Provide an Immunization disclaimer

Mature Admission:

  • Be at least 18 years of age prior to admission (19 if out of province)
  • Provide a CRC
  • Provide an Immunization disclaimer
  • Successfully complete the MCG Career College admissions test

Physical Capability:

  • Applicants must submit a clearly legible doctor’s note indicating that the student is physically capable of meeting the demands of a career in massage therapy.

Upon successful completion of the Basic Relaxation Massage Therapy Diploma, graduates will be qualified to obtain employment in health clubs, gyms, spas, resorts, and clinics with other health care and alternative health care professionals. They will also be capable of being self-employed either full or part-time in the field of relaxation massage.

The composition make-up of this diploma will set all students up for success as massage therapists, yet student are encouraged to move on the second-year, Advanced Therapeutic Massage Therapy diploma to advance their knowledge and earn the hours required to become Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs).


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