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Staying motivated during a summer program

Slay school and still enjoy the social scene

Going to school in the summer can be a great way to get ahead of the game. When everyone else is just starting classes in September, your program is coming to an end and you’re ready to start job hunting! But let’s face it — when the weather is nice, it can be hard to stay motivated.

“The key to success is to focus on goals, not obstacles.??? (Unknown) 

So, with our focus clearly set on our goals, let’s make a plan for how you’re going to slay your summer courses and still enjoy the short BBQ season.

  1. Keep your goal front and centre. Your goal may be as simple as completing the program, but we’d love to see you stretch even further. Set a career-focused goal such as: to own my own massage therapy business; to work for a specific employer; to earn credits that may help me get into new programs at MCG. Once you have a clear goal, then everything else is a steppingstone to get you from A to B.
  2. Merge your school and social calendars. If you have a list of deadlines for school in one spot and your summer socializing in another spot, it can be easy to miss a project because you’re hanging with friends. On the flip side you could show up late to the BBQ of the season because you’re immersed in definition reviewing. Build out your school assignments with deadlines and work blocks in your calendar and then you can see where you have gaps for the fun stuff.
  3. Study outside. We all know that we can benefit from being outside more. And while it can be tempting to hole up in a dark office space, try bringing your textbooks and laptop to your deck for a change of scenery. Not only will you feel more relaxed and calmer but studying outdoors is also known to boost your problem-solving skills, increase your natural energy and foster better teamwork.
  4. Form a study group. You are not the only person taking classes this summer. Whether it’s fellow classmates or friends going to other schools, set up a weekly study session in someone’s backyard to keep each other accountable for doing the work you need to succeed.
  5. Take a break. Your brain needs time off from the books so make sure you give yourself permission to join in on some summer fun. Get some exercise, host a COVID-safe BBQ, sit on a patio…summer is the season for being outside so enjoy the moments while you can. And when the storm clouds roll in, pull the books back out.