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Social media marketing tips for your massage business

Build an online presence and get your business noticed

Starting your own business is a huge undertaking! Luckily, social media marketing doesn’t have to be. Building an online presence for your massage business is easier than you think. Below, we’ve laid out some key tips for the beginner social media marketer.

Set the foundation
Who are you? What do you stand for? What services or value do you offer? Figuring out the answer to these questions is the first step in setting up your digital marketing program. From there, you can develop clear messages to use consistently across your social media channels. Clear messages and consistency will enable you to better connect with your clients and make an impact with the online community.

Develop visuals
Once you’ve identified who you are and have key messages in place, the next step is to translate your brand through visual marketing — this includes your logo, website and social media graphics. Take the time to create graphics that match your company’s persona and align with your messaging. Captivating visuals will help attract an audience.

Engage with your audience
Help your followers get to know you. How do you accomplish this? By sharing your story — what sets you apart from other therapists? What type of training have you taken? What do you love about treating people with massage therapy? Get creative with how you share your content. Encourage interaction from your audience by asking questions and engaging them individually.

Connect with like-minded people
Engaging with the industry will set you up as a subject-matter expert and add credibility to your brand. Connect with other RMTs or graduates of the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy (NIMT) as a way to grow your business community and network online. Join RMT groups on LinkedIn and Facebook or search for popular blogs on popular industry topics. Connect with other small business owners in your community to show your support.

More platforms, more market share
The bigger your online presence, the bigger your pool of potential clients! Keep them coming back for more by sharing a diverse range of content in the form of blogs, newsletters or testimonials, and post them across all social media platforms in order to reach more of your audience. Video and photography can be very powerful and easy to share in different ways. Look at each piece of content in a different way for each social media platform.

Use the tools
There are so many wonderful tools online to help you get organized and creative. Most of them are easy to use and will save you a lot of time, money and stress! Be sure to check out some of the more popular tools like HootsuiteTrelloSprout Social, and Canva for starters!

With strong messaging, an engaging visual brand and an active presence on social media, your business will get noticed online in no time! For more information on becoming a massage therapist, or for career and business tips from our in-house RMT instructors, visit NIMT!