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Problem Solving & Dispute Process.

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If you encounter personal, financial, academic or health problems during your time in the Program, you should approach any instructor who will then attempt to support and guide you to the most appropriate resource(s).

If you encounter a concern or complaint within the program, it is important for you to try to solve the problem—successively—through the following levels:

Instructor – Dean – President

Begin the process at the first level that is closest to the problem. Early intervention with respect to when a concern arises may make it easier to resolve the issue. Should the problem in question remain unresolved, you will be guided to the next appropriate resource level. Differences in opinion between an instructor and a student are to be discussed in private.

Academic Dispute

Following the same process as above, with the following additions. If the dispute is in relation to an awarded final grade, students must appeal the grade within 5 business days of awarded grade to the course instructor. If resolution cannot be found between the student and instructor, the student may appeal to the Dean, who will review the situation and make a determination.

Dispute Resolution Policy

The following policy and procedure is to support an inclusive learning environment where all persons are able to learn in a safe, comfortable and responsive learning environment.

It is the responsibility of the student to bring a complaint or concern immediately to college personnel to avoid escalation of the situation. The college is committed to addressing and responding to all issues in a fair and equitable manner.  As above, students are encouraged to address the staff member involved in the concern with the intent of resolution.

Should the matter require escalation, the student should contact the Dean or Registrar of the college, who will work with the student and staff member for resolution.  This contact is required in writing by the student to formally document the situation including; date, time, persons involved, steps attempted for resolution and outcome to date.

The Dean or Registrar will receive the complaint and invite all parties to a meeting to discuss the details, to gain sufficient information to understand the situation.  The Dean or Registrar will review the findings and instigate a plan for action on resolution. The Dean or Registrar will respond formally to the student outlining the colleges commitment to resolution.  Where personal information about another party is involved, this will not be disclosed.  A copy of the student complaint and the Dean/Registrars response will remain on the students file.

If the student does not feel that there was satisfactory resolution, they can follow the same documentation process as mentioned above and escalate to the MCG president. The MCG president will follow the same resolution process as outlined above.

 The student must understand that this policy requires:

  • Filling a complaint within 90 days of occurrence
  • Anonymous complaints will not be accepted
  • Complaints must be signed
  • Each stage of this process is independent of each other

If a students complaint is not resolved through MCG Career Colleges process, Students have 6 months from my last date of attendance in the Program to contact the Private Career Colleges Branch, Alberta Advanced Education by visiting:


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