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Online education isn’t solo learning

How we’re engaging with our students during COVID-19

We all have different learning styles and some of us need more direction and guidance than others. It’s one reason many people shy away from online education programs — because they are worried they’ll be handed a stack of assignments with a due date at the end of the semester and a cheery, “off you go!???

In this new COVID-19 world, MCG Career College is still running programs where available but it’s not a simple flip to a digital environment.

“We’ve adjusted the curriculum to provide balance between self-directed learning and scheduled times where students are expected to participate in an online lecture with their instructor and other students,??? explains Carmen Sheridan, Dean of MCG. “Interaction is an important element of both the coursework and the mental wellbeing of our students during this challenging time. We wanted to ensure there were designated touchpoints.???

Medical Office Assistant program kicks off May 25 – APPLY NOW!

The Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk program is one such program that will be starting its spring semester later this month in a full online capacity. This program will have a dynamic structure of online lectures with the instructor and all students. Coursework will be provided to students to complete on their own time.

The MOA program has become extremely popular over the last several years in Alberta as the demands on healthcare grow. During COVID-19, trained MOAs have been on the front lines, working closely with doctors and nurses to maintain smart, effective patient records and process physician’s orders.

Over the course of this 5-month program, students will learn to be proficient in medical terminology, anatomy and pharmacology, healthcare communications, medical office software as well as electronic medical records. With a short time frame from start to finish, it means that students can be on the job before Christmas.

Above all, rest assured that you’ll be learning and growing as a cohort with your fellow students and dedicated instructors who are here to ensure you will be graduating with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed. You are part of a team, not a solo learner.