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Become a Medical First Responder (MFR)!

Medical First Responder (MFR) is a comprehensive program for people looking to work or volunteer in the area of emergency first response. If you’re interested in fire rescue, police service or safety and security, you might be a good fit for MFR training!

The MFR course can empower students with the knowledge and skills to provide basic first-on-scene medical care to patients before and after Emergency Medical Services (EMS) arrives. Many police, industrial organizations, safety and security enforcement agencies and remote operations need emergency and medically trained personnel. MCG Career College is pleased to offer this unique education experience and thrives on providing a place for people to grow into a new career.

Here are more benefits to pursuing a career in medical first response:

  • Rewarding career: A career in first response comes with a sense of fulfillment and giving back to society. It is extremely gratifying to feel like your work matters in the community.
  • Strong job prospects: With an above-average industry outlook for Alberta, there are nearly 3,000 emergency medical personnel in this province alone.
  • Exciting profession: The day in the life of an emergency responder is exciting and comes with a ton of variety and mobility — no two days look alike! Becoming an MFR is a positive choice to be active, challenged and involved.
  • Find your tribe: Pursuing your MFR gives you an opportunity to learn and work with other passionate individuals who share your career values. Your team of first responders will very likely become a trusted circle of key people in your life!
  • Become an everyday hero: This job comes with a lot of perks, but the best one? Making an impact in the world by not only helping people, but saving lives!

Ready to start your future? Learn more about the Medical First Responder being offered at MCG or call us at +1 (888) 261 8999. We’re more than a technical training institution; we’re a gathering place for a community of innovators in health and wellness training — join us today! And in the meantime, stay connected with our community — follow us on social!