Set yourself apart with the Lensen™ Technique.

Lensen™ training is now a major component of Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Clinical Assessment and Correction curriculum.

This technique provides our students with advanced therapeutic massage training. The original version of Lensen™ is called Onsen. Onsen provides training in manual osteopathic techniques used to realign bones, joints and muscles. Traditionally Onsen has been taught by Len Balogh (previous school owner/instructor) and others in 3, 2 day workshops. Len found that the workshop timeframe was inadequate for students to fully understand and utilize the techniques properly.

With the permission of the Onsen originator Rich Phaigh, the material has been updated, revised and expanded. Lensen™ denotes the most current revision of the Onsen techniques. Lensen™ is not offered in workshop format, it is provided to students attending the Advanced Therapeutic Massage program at MCG Career College. In addition to receiving their Advanced Therapeutic Massage program diploma, graduates also receive a Certified Lensen™ Therapist certificate