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Kinesiology and Massage Therapy: A Powerful Combination

Elevate your ability to help others by applying your kinesiology background as an RMT!

Congratulations! You’ve studied hard and have graduated from your kinesiology program. You’ve mastered the study of human movement and all that is concerned with health and wellness… now what?

If you’re like other graduates in the field, you may be realizing that you have an excellent foundation to build upon. Why not use your degree as the basis to reach other professional milestones, ones in which you can tangibly help others achieve optimal health? If that sounds like a familiar train of thought, consider a rewarding career where you can continue to grow professionally while expanding on your kinesiology skill-set: become a registered massage therapist!

Kinesiology and massage therapy naturally fit together. Kinesiology is defined as the study of human movement and when we look at the roots of massage therapy, we find that the combination of massage techniques is ultimately designed to create, enhance or restore the movement within various systems of the body. Together, it can be a powerful combination!

Incorporating kinesiology into your massage practice is a great way to set yourself apart in the industry and with your clients, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by adding some basic movement techniques during a massage to a few of the muscles you identified in your client intake assessment and find out what works and what doesn’t for both yourself and your client. From there, add on to the practice with tools such as a Range-of-Motion Assessment, the Orthopedic Assessment or the Functional Movement Screen. As your confidence grows, you’ll be able to refine which tools you can apply to provide support for each client’s unique needs, improving their overall health and well-being. If that sounds like the right fit for you, learn more about our programs online.

We’re currently accepting applications for our Basic Massage Therapy and Advanced Massage Therapy programs at our Calgary, Cold Lake and Red Deer locations. The next semester begins this September. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on industry trends, NIMT news and more!

And stay tuned… NIMT is soon to be known as MCG Career College. Stay connected as we expand our program offerings over the coming months!