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MCG Career College offers unique volunteering opportunities and financial aid to help propel students to new heights.

Post-secondary establishments are among the most valuable institutions in society. Students and alumni go on to change the world, and MCG Career College is actively playing a big part in that, making communities great.

The college offers programs in a variety of fields like healthcare, law, art and design, business and technology. But more than anything, MCG offers opportunities for success, both for its students and the community. MCG College is on a mission to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve great things — it’s why it’s implemented a one-of-kind tuition program that involves volunteering opportunities for students and a chance to cover up to 100 per cent of their tuition.

Volunteering as College Students

In 2023, MCG College established an unprecedented payment option that has made higher education more accessible for many eager students-to-be. The college has wholeheartedly embraced the benefits of volunteering for college students and amplified them: students can now pay their tuition by volunteering for any non-profit organization without religious ties.

For every hour given to the community, students are eligible for $25 in tuition credit. They can gain enough credit to pay up to 100 per cent of their fees. This program offers a more effective payment option for students who work minimum-wage jobs, students who may not be eligible to work or students who just like to give back.

MCG College wanted to offer a new avenue for financial aid and implement a unique program to ensure financial barriers do not hold students back — and it’s been working well. Many students use the program, and some have even paid the majority of their fees through it.

For students interested in taking part in this avant-garde program, the process is simple. Once they’ve found a non-profit organization they’d like to volunteer for, they provide the name to MCG College for approval. Once the college approves the organization, students can begin volunteering and once a month, the college confirms the hours logged with the organization’s manager. At the end of the program, MCG issues a check for tuition credit according to the amount of hours volunteered by the student. The check is written to either the student, bank, government or institution that originally paid the program fees. So, if a student initially pulled out a student loan to make tuition payments, the volunteer credits go toward repayment of that loan, and if they paid the tuition themself, the check is written in their name. It’s as easy as informing MCG College you’d like to get involved in the community and this exceptional program.

Volunteering for college students at MCG means more than investing in the community, it means investing in their futures.

Benefits of Volunteering

The impact of volunteering goes beyond tuition credit, and it’s why MCG has implemented this ground-breaking program. From the very beginning, the values of the founders of MCG College have been to give back. While other colleges focus on employment rates and job opportunities, MCG College also cares about the kinds of people its students will be and the depth of impact they will have in the community.

“It’s really important for our students to do this volunteer work so they also get community exposure while they’re studying. This creates empathy and a need to become community leaders,” explains Tim Ogilvie, the vice president and dean of MCG College.

“Educational institutions create future leaders and future leaders must have empathy for the community. That’s why not only is education important, but a love for the community is very important too,” adds Dr. Monika Chhabra Gupta, the CEO and founder of the college.

An Amplified Impact

This state-of-the-art program offered by MCG College does more than just help students facing financial barriers, it also opens the doors to employment opportunities. The college makes sure to share the good work being done by its students on various social media channels, creating more exposure for students and the work they’re doing.

Volunteering and getting hands-on experience within the community also encourages networking opportunities. While students volunteer to gain tuition credit, they’re also gaining life experience, networking opportunities and exposure to potential employers. Not to mention helping out the community too. Non-profit organizations also gain quite a bit of media exposure through the program, allowing more potential volunteers to learn about their causes and help out.

The benefits of volunteering ripple throughout the community. Students gain new experiences, see the direct benefits of volunteering and create greater community connections. But greater than that, philanthropic organizations are being supported. The impact is more than twofold. Students experience the impact of volunteering while working toward their individual goals, and in turn, become better community members and leaders.

MCG College is shaping bright, generous and skilled students, and with this program, the college allows students to continue contributing to the community and inspire others to do the same.

Making Communities Great

MCG is a college that goes beyond the bounds of traditional education and takes a student-first approach. Students come to learn new skills in a welcoming environment and leave more connected with the community at large. And giving back knows no borders or boundaries. Since MCG College offers programs to students across the country, that means this one-of-a-kind financial aid opportunity is open to anyone in Canada, too. Through its slogan “Making Communities Great,” the college embraces Canadian values of helping one another, and it’s leading the private educational industry across the country to remove financial barriers for students.

MCG ensures bright futures for its students by offering exceptional programs with flexible options and endless opportunities, including volunteering for college students. The change-makers, boundary-pushers and innovators of the future are made here at MCG Career College.