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Elevate your knowledge and skill with the Lensen™ technique

According to the Government of Alberta, there are over 4,100 registered massage therapists in the province. If you’re thinking of a career in the field, it’s important to set yourself up to stand out in this large crowd of therapists, so choosing to be trained at the only location in Alberta offering one of the top massage techniques in the world is a no brainer.

At the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy, our advanced therapeutic massage curriculum is the only one in the province to teach the Lensen™ technique. Lensen™ training is a major component of our Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Clinical Assessment and Correction program and provides our students with the most advanced therapeutic massage training available today. NIMT students who complete the course have the advanced skills, confidence and knowledge they need to establish successful careers in the industry and make a real difference in the lives of their clients.

What is the Lensen™ Technique?
The Lensen™ advanced therapeutic massage technique combines elements of osteopathy with massage therapy. It provides the massage therapist with the knowledge required to skillfully assess and correct body dysfunction and is adaptable to meet the client’s needs and conditions. The goal of Lensen™ is to assist in restoring the body’s natural range of motion and to improve the quality of life and overall sense of well-being for clients. In addition to receiving their Advanced Therapeutic Massage program diploma, graduates also receive a Certified Lensen™ Therapist certificate.

This knowledge, skill and certification gives NIMT graduates the cutting-edge they need to stand out in the industry, make an impact on their clients and establish their reputation as expert massage therapists.

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