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5 tips for building an effective resume

Congratulations, you’ve graduated! After completing Northern Institute of Massage Therapy’s (NIMT) impactful training and instruction, you now have the skills and confidence to shine in your new career. But before you head off to soothe aching muscles and relieve pain for clients, begin your job search with a professional resume that will set you apart.

Your resume is key in presenting your unique education, background and relevant skills to potential employers. Below are some key tips that will help you organize and design your resume and land your dream job.

1. Use logical formatting

To get your resume noticed by hiring managers, it needs to be easy to read and well formatted with a simple font. Use wide margins, clear headings and selectively apply bold and italic typeface to help guide the reader’s eye. Use bullet points to call attention to important points.

2. Look for keywords in job postings

When applying for positions that interest you, take note of the keywords in the job posting. What are the main descriptors that the employer seeks in their ideal candidate? If you include those keywords in your resume where relevant, you’ll have a better chance of being selected for an interview!

3. Review resume examples from the industry

Take some time to research resumes of other massage therapists or ask a seasoned RMT for inspiration and best practices. Resume samples and templates are great, but in order to stand out, your resume should be customized for your industry and job title.

4. Keep it tight and relevant

It can be challenging, but it’s critical to keep your resume as brief as possible without cutting out key information. Include only the most important data and list the most important items first. If your resume includes jobs from over 10 years ago or minor achievements, it will distract from the information that really matters.

5. Proofread and edit

Finding spelling and grammatical errors are non-starters for most employers. Comb through your resume meticulously, at least 10 times on your computer screen, and then 10 times in print. Ask your friends and family members to review it as well before applying to any postings.

Now that your resume is complete, it’s time to start networking with former colleagues, industry contacts, recruiters and friends. Be patient, and know that you have all the tools to succeed in your job search!

For more information on becoming a massage therapist, or for career and resume tips from our in-house RMT instructors, visit NIMT and find out more about Alberta’s top massage school.